Wellocks sponsored star shines

What a great night for Brad Stanton at Showdown 14, a knockout competition over the course of an evening.

A big crowd for the Sheffield bout saw Brad take on the Italian champion in the first round, a big left, a few fakes and an elbow through the Italian’s guard ended his fight with a cut above his eye and it was straight through to the semis.

The quick win allowed Brad a long break with time to get some ‘perfect ingredients’ inside him and recuperate before taking on good friend Andrew lofthouse in the semi-final.

A tough opponent, but one suffering from a damaged elbow in the quarter finals which ended his fight before the second round – result, Brad was in the final.

An epic final was expected against a local Sheffield lad Tommi McCormick and after a frustrating first round Brad began to hunt him down and score some big points. To the sound of the locals booing Brad cut him down to his knees and executed a relentless series of elbows before dominating the final round.

Crowned 8 Man Champion with a new belt and prize money of £5,000.

Brad said: “If it wasn’t for the ‘perfect ingredient’, I wouldn’t be the perfect fighter. My words cannot express how thankful I am to Wellocks.”

September 2014