Wellocks euroShell card Video Testimonial

Wellocks recently partnered with Shell Fuel Cards in a programme to promote fuel efficiency and consistency.

The testimonial video – made by Shell – was filmed over two days at our headquarters in Lancashire. It tells the logistics story behind delivering the perfect ingredients to our customers: 1,000 deliveries a day on 110 routes, six days a week. And it shows how important it is for us to work with the best suppliers to get the job done well – exactly the same reason, we hope, that our customers choose to work with us.

In the video, finance director Michael Beech speaks candidly about what impact partnering with Shell has on Wellocks. “We decided to partner with Shell Fuel cards directly because we can monitor fuel activity and we can monitor miles per gallon on vehicles and drivers, so it helps me drive the financials of the business which helps us invest,” he explains. “Given that we have gone from turning over 9 million a year five years ago to 50 million this year, I think the world’s our oyster. We want to keep growing. We want to keep our service at the right level and be the supplier of choice for the finest hotels and chefs in the country.”

The video features our customer The Freemasons in Wiswell. The video will be broadcast over Shell’s various media platforms and social channels.