Wellocks’ Scottish hub opens for business

After nearly two years of hard work our Scottish hub is now open and starting to gather momentum all over the Highlands and Lowlands. We are delivering and collecting daily in Aberdeen and Dundee and our reach will stretch as far as Inverness and Fort William in the next week or so.

Paul Gunn who has been instrumental in the set up said: “It’s a very true saying that ‘a tradesman is only as good as the tools he has to work with. The produce business has never been an easy one but with the quality and diversity of range provided by Wellocks it certainly makes my job easier and more to the point, much more rewarding.”

Paul went on to say that he can remember James Wellock’s words on their first meeting, ‘It’s nice to work with nice people’, he said.

“That is certainly true with all our customers north of the border.

“Our reputation for service, quality, range, and devotion to going that extra mile is preceding us and as we extend the Wellocks ‘family brand’  to every corner of Great Britain.

Paul also added that: “I have been bombarded by chefs in remote parts of Scotland asking if we can deliver what others can’t and it’s now a pleasure to say yes, of course we can. Scotland will now be able to experience a quality of produce which has been unknown until now.

The new drivers are ready to promote the Wellocks brand throughout Scotland to customers old and new, with good customer relationships, knowledge of products and attention to detail.

“Working for a company as innovative as Wellocks has been a shot in the arm for me and it’s not just the produce that’s on a different level.”

Paul added that: “The green crate system has been a great success environmentally and the online ordering system is the envy of all our competitors. With our own in house IT team we are streets ahead of the rest.”

The ‘perfect ingredient’ is well and truly taking a hold north of the border.

May 2014