Wellocks Featured on BBC Watchdog

Wellocks and our green delivery crates earned a spot on the BBC’s Watchdog programme – aired on November 16.

The segment featured our managing director James Wellock and showed our custom-made box wash machine which runs six days a week and steam washes over 4,000 crates a day to ensure that every delivery is made in a clean crate.

A BBC production team visited Wellocks’ headquarters in Nelson to film the segment and interview James in a follow-up story to Watchdog’s investigation into the lack of cleanliness of home delivery crates used by certain supermarket retailers. The programme notes that Wellocks ‘wouldn’t dream of sending anything out to customers in anything less than a spotlessly clean crate’.
Keeping crates clean is part of Wellocks’ mission to deliver the perfect ingredients in the best possible condition. Every crate is washed on the day it returns to the warehouse and before being used for another delivery.

James told Watchdog: “The process is simple – we’re talking seconds to steam clean a crate and through the steaming process absolutely no bugs or bacteria can survive.”

Wellocks has continuously invested in our delivery service introducing green crates to eliminate secondary packaging and reduce waste in kitchens. Our green crates are a recognisable feature of our delivery service as well as being environmentally-friendly. Green crates are individually bar coded, which means each crate can be tracked.

The full episode can be watched online here.