Filming at Wellocks

Channel 4 filming at Wellocks, pumpkin time, the arrival of the kiwano melon and an abundance of berries.

Last week, we were excited to be filmed for a Channel 4 documentary which will air early in the New Year. James took the starring role, showing the crew and producer just a glimpse of the magic at Wellocks. The cameraman referred to the warehouse as “the poshest greengrocer” he had ever visited. James explained in great detail the passion and devotion that goes into selecting the perfect ingredient.

Recalling memories of his youth, carrying sacks of potatoes down the stairs at his family’s fish and chip shop, James showed how Wellocks today stays true to the great British favourite – the potato –  supplying pre-prepped potatoes straight to chefs’ kitchens.The innovation that has gone into changing the humble chip into a jenga stack or cylindrical chip in the Wellocks prep kitchen is an incredible tale to tell.

We were all absolutely amazed by the arrival of the kiwano melon this week – a distinctive yellow prickly skin with horns and a juicy green inner. A product that has been brought to us from France, exotic in its appearance and subtle in its taste.

We have had an abundance of fresh berries arrive – from blueberries to blackberries, and the sumptuous strasberry. These berries are in season and are packed with flavour, hand-picked and chosen for their superb flavour.

Due to Halloween, we had a variety of pumpkins in high demand. Varying from the classic English pumpkin (traditionally used for carving) to the monstrous muscade – large in size and overpowering in appearance. The munchkin pumpkin is by far the smallest of its kind and has definitely got visual appeal. Whether it’s being carved or turned into the perfect soup or pasta filling – the pumpkin is undoubtedly the star of the week, if not the season.