Mitch Mitchell and TRUEfoods

We have been supplying you with great traditional stocks for the last few years, courtesy of TRUEfoods. So we thought it was about time to find out more about how these truly wonderful stocks were made along with some info about Mitch Mitchell, the man who’s traditional stocks and sauces have taken your kitchens by storm.

Over the years I have become very good friends with Mitch and understanding his background and drive to have the perfect stock every time, means they have become a perfect partner for our business. In fact, it is a real pleasure working alongside him and his team as they are similar to us – always looking to the future and Mitch is taking stock production to the next level with yet more investment in state-of-the-art machinery and larger premises.

Just under seven years ago Mitch saw that there was a need for a quality fresh stock, produced using exactly the same culinary principles as any chef would make. Produced by carefully sourcing the ‘perfect ingredients’ locally, researching the best bone for stock production, the ideal temperature to extract the ultimate flavour while retaining the clarity of the stock and consistency. TRUEfoods put maximum effort into achieving this goal and are delighted that their stocks are produced from ingredients grown or reared only on the UK mainland, their stocks are 100% natural using UK ingredients and produced in Yorkshire.

The packaging is a simple, clear pouch whereby the chef can see the clarity and gelatinous consistency of the product. All chefs are aware that a good stock is a fundamental ingredient. They appreciate that it is a core skill for any trainee or commis chef to know how to make a good stock. With the economic climate affecting kitchens everywhere, the demands are high for chefs to stretch their boundaries with tight resources. Factor into that that kitchens are becoming smaller and fuel and waste food collection costs are constantly rising. Time has become a precious ingredient for chefs and using TRUEfoods UK produced stock will free up stove space and time for the chef to focus on their culinary creativity and managing their brigade.

Much development work has been done to date and their partnerships with suppliers is crucial as they continue to move forward in maintaining quality and consistency, achieving this is down to the culinary skills of managing director Mitch Mitchell and the highly trained team at TRUEfoods.

Mitch’s culinary journey began at the Caledonian, one of Edinburgh’s premier hotels before landing a role at Hotel Nikko in Dusseldorf, The Devonshire, Arms at Bolton Abbey in Yorkshire and then Greywalls, the exclusive Scottish country house hotel and nearby neighbour of Muirfield Golf Course where he took over the kitchen as head chef.

Their Majesties the King and Queen of Jordan were no strangers to Greywalls and the Queen would ask for recipes, bread, pasta, anything that caught her culinary eye and then came the phone call that changed everything. The Jordan royal family asked if Mitch would consider being King Hussein’s personal chef. The Arabian adventure was followed by his induction into the mysterious world of food manufacturing, developing the ‘Linda McCartney’ range of meat free ready meals, sausages and mince etc. Mitch’s thirst for learning took him around the world to absorb all the flavours he could manage, before opening TRUEfoods in January 2007.

Since the journey began, chefs from far and wide have been singing the praises of TRUEfoods products and I suspect this is a growing trend.

December 2012