TRUEfoods visit Wellocks 19th April 2017

Inside a TRUE partnership

Super stock makers TRUEfoods and Wellocks celebrated their growing partnership with a demo day at Wellocks HQ recently. Wellocks supplies TRUEfoods with the freshly prepped vegetables used to make its award-winning classic stocks and distributes its products – a range that now also includes patés, parfaits, terrines and savoury pies.

The TRUEfoods’ team was treated to a tour of the new prep area and warehouse while TRUEfoods’ innovation chef Aled Williams gave Wellocks’ staff a demonstration of how its fabulous stocks are made – and how chefs can use them.

TRUEfoods stocks are made in the classic way without compromise – using 100% British sourced bones for meat stocks, spring water and Wellocks’ perfect vegetables – and a long slow cook, strained twice through double muslin. They are never boiled and no flavour enhancers or preservatives are added. The results are consistently pure, clear, intensely flavoured stocks that any great kitchen would be proud of. The range includes standard and  50% reduced stocks and jus.

“The best stocks can only come from the best ingredients,” explained Chef Williams. “To make them well is an 8 to 12 hour process with endless skimming by hand which is what we do, saving kitchens lots of time and manpower. As a result, our stocks are clean, fragrant, natural and tasty – and could be served as consomme.”

All TRUEfoods stocks – chicken, beef, lamb, veal, game, vegetable and fish – are made at its Melmerby site near Ripon. The company has two other sites, one making chef-prepared pates and terrines, and the other producing savoury pies and tarts. Bespoke options are available. For example, the company produces a stock for Paul Ainsworth – one for his Michelin-starred restaurant and one for his casual dining restaurant Rojano’s in the Square. TRUEfoods also produces the Heston from Waitrose range of stocks and sauces for Waitrose.

Wholesale stocks are available in 2.5kg pouches and ordered by many of Wellocks’ top chef customers because of their consistent high quality and benefits such as convenient recipe costing.