Tour to Rome

Well it was all go for team Wellock as father and daughter set off on a whirlwind tour of Rome to forge new and strengthen existing relationships, whilst in the company of our great Italian friends, Gina and her family. “Despite always having to hear: “going on your jollies again, unbelievable!” – making a trip is worth it, I always get inspired.” James said, “I think that personal relationships are key and I can assure you it’s only by making the effort that these relationships happen. At the start of this year we visited Southern Italy and made discoveries that have grown our menu.”

The main reason for the trip was to enhance our relationship with PAC, our tinned tomato producer that we have been using since our first visit last year. The feedback we have had on the PAC range has been amazing and I felt it necessary to visit Rita and voice our commitment to them. We have now agreed on exclusive UK import and a personalised label for the range. There are some exciting additions to the range, including a full organic option, and my real favourite, the baby tomatoes. Options of round cherry, Datterino, the baby plum and torpedo shape similar to a baby San Marzano, all in their famous tomato sauce and ready to serve. We tried these with pasta back at the restaurant and they are outrageous! We will have samples soon so please let us know if you’d like some.

Wellocks is also working with Ital Frutti to bring only the very best fresh, local produce from Sicily and all the Southern areas. They are tapping into some fantastic things which we’ve seen over the last months. We don’t normally see these in the UK, simply because of the distance or they just don’t get past the Rome, Milan or Rungis markets. However Simeone is often loading artics for us at midnight to get the truck to us within three and half days, true commitment to the Wellocks’ cause.

After having many courses of food with Gino and Simeone you start to get an insight into the Italian food culture and it’s focus is the same as I keep banging on about ‘the ingredient’. Quite simply they have very few ingredients on any dish and simply concentrate on having the very best product and savouring it. I certainly needed a good bike ride when I got home, I’ve never eaten so many courses!

November 2013