The Search For The Perfect Ingredient And A New Year

What I’ve learnt from my time at Wellocks so far is that passion is predominantly at the core of the business. It’s hard to describe determination, when often it can be so personal – but what I’ve witnessed is a business that is as fast-growing as it is diverse whilst firmly staying true to its family roots that span back three generations.

James’ search for the perfect ingredient has been remarkable. In 2015 we’ve searched far and wide to select and source the perfect ingredients for our customers. It’s been a staggering year, starting off with the search for the perfect egg. We went onto find the perfect sprout, broccoli, rhubarb and asparagus in sync to the growing season and witnessed an incredible display of the freshest produce available to us.

Mid-way through the year we found the perfect strawberry, grouse, watercress and beetroot, visiting Head Chef Tommy Banks at his incredible kitchen garden at the Black Swan, Oldstead. What makes all of these ingredients so special and unique is that having selected them ourselves, we take pride in showcasing them. We are proud of our suppliers’ stories and our aim is to share as many of them with you as possible. There is nothing more satisfying than meeting the farmers, growers and people behind the produce, and taking their passion with us – into your kitchen.

In the late Summer we found the perfect milk, and as Autumn crept in, we undertook our biggest search yet – searching for the perfect venison. James headed to the Scottish Highlands to hunt wild venison alongside head chef, Lee Murdoch. This paved way to an incredible climax which saw Lee create a show-stopping five-course dinner at Crafthouse, Leeds, showcasing all parts of the venison.

Our search is not over – the time, miles and knowledge we invest in selecting the right produce is the key to supplying the perfect ingredient. We are definitely excited to see what 2016 brings, a continuing search for perfection, and a dedicated quest to supplying the perfect ingredient.

Everyone shares a great passion, for our stories, our people and most of all our customers.

On behalf of everybody at Wellocks – We wish you a Happy New Year and a perfect 2016.