Wellocks’ southern hub to open

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  • James Wellock discusses the new southern hub:

    After a lot of planning and investment, our southern hub opens on Monday and our new team are all set to go.

    The new hub has been put in place to make sure our service levels keep on getting better and to be sure that we reach all our customers across the country as best as possible. It’s about making sure we take deliveries to the next level everywhere we go and with no timing issues, your delivery driver is about to become your best friend! He’ll be there when you want him – checking in your order and putting it where you want it.

    We’re also building a new team of business development managers, of which I will be one. The idea is that we will be visiting you regularly, to work on all aspects of your kitchen’s needs; from prices to product specs and new ingredients, to assist in the delivery process and to ultimately make Wellocks your ideal partner and not just a supplier. I know that is a big ask for us to put everything into practice, but I can assure you, I have every faith in my team and we will build on this as we go along.

    A great topic at our chefs’ conference was communication and we intend to make this a focus as we develop. It’s a massive word for me as we go forward. We are in the process of revamping our website which is going to be hugely influenced by the way we use Twitter and Facebook to communicate, with some clever new technology too. Twitter is taking on a vital new role in getting information out as soon as it happens – as soon as we get a new product in we snap it and tweet it! The tweet will have a price attached to it and will also go live on the website at the same time. This will be linked to our online ordering system, so whenever you want to know what’s in or what’s coming in, you can see instantly, and I can assure you we are at it every day, many times!

    You will have all options covered, you will be able to order any way you like or contact any us by phone, email , Twitter direct message or text. If you have all the information and still want talk to us you can. We want to make our service to you the best it can be.

    Anyone who would like a visit from me soon, please let me know.

    April 2012