Smoked Salmon from Wellgate Smokehouse

Wellgate Smokehouse, based in Clitheroe, will supply Wellocks the perfect smoked salmon, smoked in a brand new purpose-built smoker – using the finest hand-reared salmon from Wester Ross.

The smokehouse is run by owner Giles Shaw who has over 30 years’ experience in the fishmonger industry. The smoking process takes seven days to reach perfection. Giles begins by cutting the salmon and preparing it for curing – a mix of salt and sugar. The salmon is then cured for two days, before drying ready to smoke.

The salmon comes from supplier Wester Ross, who is Scotland’s oldest independent, owner-operated salmon farm, supplying completely organic-fed salmon. The salmon are hand-fed a responsibly-sourced diet and a high quality sustainable fishmeal, developed specially for Wester Ross.

The brand new purpose built smoker can take mixed quantity of salmon and smoked over whisky oaked cask and maple for 48hours. The smoked salmon is then wrapped in paper, and carefully delivered in boxes.

Wellgate smokehouse salmon is available to order now.

Wellgate Smokehouse