Head Bartender Stewart McLachlan’s Verjus and Sloe Gin Cocktail

This cocktails is loosely based on a classic called the Charlie Chaplin prior to 1920.
The Verjus substitutes the acidity of fresh lime juice and balanced with the herbaceous quality of Antica Formula sweet Italian vermouth.

Verjus & Sloe Gin Cocktail
Serves 1


  • 1oz White Minus 8 Verjus
  • 1oz monkey 47 sloe gin
  • 1/2oz antica formula
  • Laphroig 10 spray /mist
  1. Mix the verjus, sloe gin and antica formula.
  2. Add a mist of Laphroig 10 to contrast the sweet white stone fruit flavour and soften the natural tartness of the sloe gin.