Chef Jordi Puigvert Colomer is a consultant for Michel Cluizel, makers of fine chocolate. During a masterclass held at Wellocks’ development kitchen, he shared his recipe for Bitter Sweet with us. Bitter Sweet is a chocolate mousse with poached mango in honey syrup, a praline financier sponge with chocolate sorbet and chocolate cream, finished with tempered chocolate wood imitation.

Michel Cluizel Masterclass: Bitter Sweet
Serves 1


  • Chocolate cream
  • Michel Cluizel Kayambe® chocolate couverture 300g Ref 20067
  • Water 287g
  • Liquorice paste
  • Chocolate mousse
  • Michel Cluizel Dark Mangaro chocolate couverture 345g Ref 20502
  • Water 230g
  • Gelatin sheets 6.5 unit (13g)
  • Pasteurized egg whites 165g
  • Atomized glucose (powder) 70g
  • Praliné financier sponge
  • Almond powder 75g
  • Icing sugar 50g
  • Cake flour 50g
  • Baking powder 5g
  • Michel Cluizel Praliné Saveurs 100g Ref 21015
  • Clarified butter 100g
  • Egg whites 160g
  • Michel Cluizel Z 60 70g Ref 20040
  • Michel Cluizel Gruétine® 20g Ref 21009
  • Chocolate stones
  • Michel Cluizel Z 60 100g Ref 20040
  • Tapioca Maltodextrin 30g
  • Salt 1g
  • Raspberry freeze dried powder 5g
  • Hazelnut soil
  • Michel Cluizel Praliné Saveurs 200g Ref 21015
  • Michel Cluizel Cocoa powder 20g Ref 21005
  • Salt 2g
  • Tapioca Maltodextrin 40g
  • Chocolate sorbet
  • Water 1000g
  • Honey 100g
  • Sugar 200g
  • Stabilizer 7g
  • Michel Cluizel Cocoa powder 50g Ref 21005
  • Michel Cluizel Kayambe® chocolate couverture 200g Ref 20067
  • Poached mango in honey and liquorice syrup
  • Ripe mango in pieces 3x3 cm, aprox. 250g
  • Water 100g
  • Honey already reduced at 50% 100g
  • Liquorice compound 25g
  • Other ingredients
  • Tempered chocolate wood imitation using Michel Cluizel Elianza® chocolate couverture Ref 20053
  • Michel Cluizel Cocoa powder Ref 21005
  1. For the chocolate cream
    Melt the chocolate at 50ºC and then add the water little by little using an immersion blender. Keep in the fridge for 4 hours.
  2. For the chocolate mousse
    Mix the egg whites and the glucose powder and whip until getting a soft meringue. Melt the chocolate at 50ºC. Melt the gelatin sheets in a small part of hot water and then add the remaining cold water. The final mixture has to be at 20ºC. Then add to the chocolate and emulsify. The mixture has to be at 30ºC before folding into the meringue using a flexible spatula carefully . Put in molds and let set.
  3. For the praliné financier sponge
    Mix the solid ingredients until well combined. Then mix the clarified butter with the Praliné Saveurs. Mix both mixtures until well emulsified. Then add the egg whites and stir until fully incorporated. Keep the mixture 24 hours in the fridge. Use.
  4. For the chocolate stones
    Mix the chocolate, the salt and the Tapioca maltodextrin until getting a sort of playdough texture. Break the “clay” in stone shapes and let 5 minutes in the freeze.
  5. For the hazelnut soil
    Combine all the ingredients until having a soil texture.
  6. For the chocolate sorbet
    Heat the water at 40ºC. Mix the sugar and the stabilizer and add the mix to the water. Add the honey and the cocoa powder. Mix well and heat until 85ºC. Pour the mixture on the melted chocolate and emulsify. Let rest 6 hours in the fridge, mix again and churn.
  7. For the poached mango in honey and liquorice syrup
    Mix all the ingredients and cook until mangoes are soft and gently dark colored.
  8. To finish
    Spread some chocolate creamy on the base of the dish. Display randomly all the other ingredients and lightly cover the dessert with the chocolate wood imitation and the micro greens.