Real British breads

Award-winning artisan breads are now part of our daily offering.

Some of our best Great British produce is under threat, and none more so than our traditional loaf. Recent campaigning media coverage has aimed to save some of our great heritage foods, and encourage and educate the public to rethink their buying and eating habits. This is an ethos we firmly believe in at Wellocks, so we have teamed up with More? The Artisan Bakery to be able to offer you a taste of ‘real’ bread.

After a career spanning over twenty years in some of the Lake District’s finest country houses, chef Patrick Moore pursued his dream to create real alternatives to mass produced industrial food products and in 2006 he founded More? Artisan at his Kendal home. Five years later, and after winning many awards including the coveted Supreme Champion at The Great Taste Awards, and the ultimate Baking Industry Award for speciality bread, Patrick’s philosophy has not changed. Now based in their new premises in the South Lakes village of Staveley, Patrick specialises in creating artisan bread, which has been close to his heart since childhood.

All of the More? artisan breads are created using traditional slow fermentation methods and naturally occurring wild yeasts, where time, time and time are always the key considerations. This superior style of bread making produces bread that is easier to digest and has a flavour true to the type of wheat used. Each loaf is individually crafted using traditional techniques and perfectly baked with the greatest care on the sole of a wood fired oven to produce a truly memorable taste experience.

In Patrick’s word: “After all, what is more fundamental food than bread?”

Initially the More? range at Wellocks will include ciabatta panini rolls, rustic ciabatta rolls and ciabatta loaf, with many more products being added gradually.

November 2013