Premium Smoked Salmon from Wellgate Smokehouse

Wellgate Smokehouse smoked salmon comes from Wester Ross – Scotland’s oldest owner-operated salmon farm that hand-rears and farms the fish in the lochs and along the northwest coast of the Scottish highlands.

The salmon spends the majority of their lives in seawater and are fed an organic and responsibly-sourced diet and high-quality fishmeal.

When it arrives at Wellgate Smokehouse, it is washed and split and covered in a mix of salt and sugar and left to cure for two days. It is then hung and smoked in the custom-built smokehouse for 48 hours over whisky oaked cask chips and maple wood chips.

The salmon comes untrimmed, paper-wrapped and boxed. Please note it is not available long-sliced or D-cut.

Available from Wellocks now for £16.50 per kilo.

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