Tame and Wild

Tame & Wild Drinks was the inspiration of English Fruit Farmer (and Bee Keeper), Annabel Makin Jones. Her accumulated knowledge and passion for the best of British has resulted in a range of drinks, unlike anything you’ve tasted before.

Farming is in Annabel Makin-Jones’s blood. She is a fifth-generation Yorkshire farmer, having run the family farm near Leeds for the last 15 years. With over 1200 acres of arable land, Annabel also takes charge of 1,800 tonnes of strawberries each year. Forever restless, she wanted to create something more, and Tame & Wild was born.

Inspired by a desire to create a natural alternative to alcoholic options, Tame & Wild was designed to be enjoyed at the same occasions but is light, sophisticated and simply English berries and botanicals with sparkling water, but like fine wine or gin the craft is not in the ingredients, but in how they’re brought together.

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