Minus 8 Vinegars and Verjus

We have a fantastic range of Minus 8 vinegars and verjus available to order online now.

Minus 8 is a family-owned vineyard in Niagara, Canada where the grapes are harvested and pressed before being made into vinegar or verjus.

8Brix Verjus: We stock both the 8 Brix white verjus and 8 Brix red verjus that are made using unripe grapes, giving a more acidic taste. It is only produced in November, meaning supply may be limited so be sure to get your orders in early. These are available in 500ml bottles.

Maple Brix Verjus: The Maple Brix verjus combines the best Quebec Maple syrup with unripened grape must producing a sour and sweet taste perfect for cocktails. It is available in 375ml bottles.

L8 Harvest Vinegar: This ice wine vinegar is bottle aged, a medium consistency with an amber colour and a sour finish. It’s available in 375ml.

Dehydr8 Vinegar: The Dehydr8 is made from a mix of raisins and Riesling grapes and is bottle and oak aged for several years resulting in a sweet and tangy flavour and lovely thick consistency. Available in 375ml.

IP8 Beer Vinegar: For a fresher taste, the IP8 is a delicate beer vinegar, made in the style of an India Pale Ale with an additional blend of aromatic hops. It is not oak aged and is available in 200ml bottles.

Veget8 Vinegar: Veget8 is a combination of ice wine vinegar and the vinegar from Canadian tomatoes. The two blended together create Veget8 vinegar. Pure fruit, that tastes like vegetables.

Concord 8 Vinegar: Using grapes native to Canada, the Concord 8 is a medium thickness, dark purple vinegar. It has an intense, sweet flavour and is a good match for puddings and pastries. Available in 200ml bottles.

Minus 8 Vinegar: This ice wine vinegar made from eight grape varieties. It’s tangy and has a consistent flavour. It is harvested and pressed frozen at -8℃ and then aged for several years in a French oak solera system. Available in 200ml bottles.

Original Barrel Minus 8 Vinegar Sweet 16: This vinegar is drawn from the first ever barrel Minus 8 made, has an intense fruit flavour and rich sweetness and long, mellow finish.
Available in a 60ml bottle.

Apple 8 Minus 8: Apple 8 is cider vinegar made from a select blend of delicious Canadian apples.
Slowly fermented and made into vinegar, the flavour of fresh-pressed apple juice shines through.
Ideal for savoury, dessert, and cocktail applications.

All vinegars have a 5% acetic acid content.

All Minus 8 products are available to order now.

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