Bruce Farm Strawberries

Bruce Farm sits in a natural valley in Perthshire, Scotland – the ideal location for growing the perfect strawberries. They are grown in virgin soil, using water from the River Isla inside polytunnels to keep off the rain and the cold and are slow-grown for between 70-75 days. All of this combines to create an amazing taste and flavour.

These lovely strawberries are hand picked and then packaged in the Packing Hall located at the farm – here they are quality controlled, rapidly chilled, and packed and stored at the optimum temperature before dispatch. Wellocks provides a 24-hour turnaround from picking to delivery so you can be sure that your Bruce Farm strawberries will be fresh and taste fantastic. The perfect ingredient!

To read about our search for the perfect strawberry – and watch our video about how and where they’re grown – click on “The Search” below the picture.

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