Our Perfect Prep Room Opens

This week saw the opening of our brand new prep room. Development Chef Leigh Myers has been instrumental in driving the project forward and has overseen the 10,000 sq ft transformation into a new prep area, complete with walk-in refrigeration space, canteen and staff toilets.

Leigh proudly opened the new area, alongside Assistant Prep Room Team Leader, Anna Strzelec. The space will increase our capacity to fulfil orders and our team of skilled individuals will be joined by twenty new staff. This will enable us to deliver an even better service for our customers and achieve greater results.

Leigh said, “I’m delighted to see the opening of the new prep room. This will not only create additional working space, but also give us the potential to multiply orders, ahead of our night-time shift.”

This expansion is all part of the ongoing renovation of the additional premises which we secured in December. The 20,000 sq ft building now houses an on-site vehicle maintenance garage, plus a 5,000 sq ft warehouse space.

The perfect place for the perfect ingredients.