The perfect truffle

It’s more than four years since I went to visit Nigel at his truffle headquarters in Le Marche in central Italy. At that time there was snow on the ground, so they were only able to find a few small truffles – and fortunately there was time to sample plenty of fine Italian food. A few glasses of decent wine were consumed, and I returned to the UK with a kilo or two of superb quality black winter truffles.

It was the start of a great partnership. Four years later, and Truffle Hunter is going from strength to strength. They are proud to be supplying Wellocks, not only with the perfect truffles but with a range of their truffle products, including a Wellocks packaged white truffle oil, their award winning black truffle butter, an English rapeseed-based black truffle oil, white truffle honey and a range of preserved truffle products.

Working with Wellocks has been a very rewarding experience for them, as Nigel explains: “They are a great company to have as a customer and over the last four years they have helped our business tremendously.”

Access to some of their top clients has helped them develop and bring new products to market, and Wellocks’ widespread geographical distribution and client base now means that their products are in the best kitchens throughout England, Scotland and Wales.