The Pompadour by Galvin, Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh

We supply the Pompadour by Galvin at Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh with fresh produce including Bruce Farm strawberries. Pastry Chef Robert Gordon says:

Chef Robert "It's all about freshness. As a restaurant we're striving to do better all the time - without freshness you can't do that. For example with Bruce Farm strawberries there's a real story to tell our customers - Bruce Farm is just up the road from here, the strawberries are picked in the morning, collected by Wellocks and within 24 hours are in a dish and being eaten by our diners. The relationship with the whole Wellocks team from the delivery driver to the managers is all about delivering what we want and what we expect. And if something is not what we expected, then it is changed straight away with no questions asked."

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