Nick Edgar’s Guest Chef Event at Kendal College


Head chef Nick from Michelin-starred The Samling, joined students from Kendal College who are enrolled on the catering programme to create a one-off dining event at the college restaurant. Nick is currently working on his new menu, ahead of The Samling’s refurbishment which is set to open this winter.

The guest chef menu was inspired by Nick’s own culinary career highs, including his 2014 National Chef of the Year dish, Pork Cheeks – Pineapple – Chilli – Soya. A dish defiantly unique in its balance of flavours, a braised pig cheek in lemongrass, chilli, ginger and soya sauce served with a pineapple puree and roasted chilli pineapple giving it the ultimate sweet kick.

The ingredients which were supplied by Wellocks, were prepped ahead of service later that evening. Students were intrigued to know where they had been sourced – including the 4 day old Mexican limes which come over fresh by air-freight.


Each ingredient sparked a new conversation “How do you source ingredients from all over the world?”

Nick’s collaboration with the college is a great influence and showcase of talent in his own county. Having a Michelin starred chefs guidance may just be crucial in the early career paths of the next generation.

The defining moment came as Nick gathered all the chefs together and explained to the students the high importance of ingredients –
“Take one ingredient, and learn how to cook it, taste it and concentrate on making it the best it can be.”
As he fired up the flame, he demonstrated the process of pan frying cubed butternut squash over a flame – with all eyes fixated around him.


He also referenced how important maths and science play a part in good culinary work and will undoubtedly benefit you in your chosen path.
The advice was truly invaluable to the young chefs, who are still at the very start of their careers.

Nick gave the chefs one final piece of advice: “Be proud of what you do tonight, because if you’re not then there is no point at all.”