New Wellocks Vans on the Road

We have now added three new Mercedes Sprinter vans to our growing transport fleet to maximise deliveries and make our logistics even more first class. These are also the first of the fleet to have our brand new van livery. The design is based on the new branding for our Special Branch range.

The new purpose-built vans have a 1000kg weight capacity allowing us an extra 200kg payload as its revolutionary body means we can load more crates into the vehicle – making our distribution and deliveries even more efficient. Each van has a state-of-the-art refrigerated system to keep your orders perfect.

Logistics is a huge part of our business and we are always striving to deliver the perfect service. We’re always looking for smarter and more efficient transport solutions – from smoother loading to the best tracking devices – to bring the business forward and ensure that our deliveries are on time and in perfect condition.