New Wellocks Trailer Arrives

A new state-of-the-art custom-built trailer has arrived at Wellocks – the latest addition to our expanding transport fleet.

The 14ft-high trailer designed and built by vehicle specialist Ekeri, based in Finland, is our first side-opening trailer and the largest in our entire fleet. The extra space will make transporting perfect ingredients between distribution hubs across the UK more efficient by reducing the number of journeys needed and getting deliveries to customers more quickly.

The trailer has temperature-controlled technology to keep our produce fresh and in perfect condition. The side-opening design makes for much easier access and loading –  we managed a speedy 40-minute turnaround emptying and restocking the van at our depot on its first run.

The new truck has already been out on the road – travelling from the Nelson branch to the Westcott branch to fulfill orders from London and the south.

Look out for the trailer with our new Wellocks’ Special Branch livery range.