New Building Progress

In December Wellocks signed the contract on a new 20,000 sq ft building, which will be the centre of the new prep kitchen – seeing our bespoke prep service expand.

There will also be a 5,000 sq ft on-site garage for our own vehicles and on-site maintenance, and an additional 5,000 sq ft warehouse space, to expand our dry stock stores. The progression to a new building has been in the planning for a while, and finding the opportunity to expand our premises has been an opportunity we have been looking upon seizing.

The new building is located a short distance from our main headquarters meaning easy access for staff and transport. It will signify a change in logistics, and mean a more efficient workforce, pre-dominantly our prep-staff. The work which began in early January, is expected to take up to a year – but will have a huge impact on our progression as a business.