Menu Master June

Helping chefs get the best from their budgets

Wellocks’ Menu Master helps chefs manage budgets and buy the best value produce at the peak of freshness and flavour. Every month, our expert buyers give you seasonal tips on how to boost your GP, create great dishes and keep your customers happy.

Market update

The weak pound continues to affect the price of imported produce from Europe and products (such as fuel) from further afield. This looks set to continue for the medium term but we are continuing to do our best to get the very best value we can from suppliers at home and abroad.

June best UK picks

These are some of the best months to buy British and plan your menus around seasonal availability – great flavour and great prices.

For veg, there’s nothing more sweet and summery than home-grown garden peas and broad beans.

Baby vegetables provide lots of plate appeal as well as flavour and we have a range of UK-grown baby veg. There’s baby beetroot – red, golden and candy – for salads and side, baby leeks which are perfect for serving with summer seafood as well as orange baby carrots. Great value for June is local white cauliflower – particularly good roasted to serve with BBQ meats or rotisserie-style chicken – or grated into couscous to add texture to salads. Tenderstem broccoli is still plentiful and the availability of UK courgettes has brought prices back to more normal levels.

There’s an amazing variety of UK salad leaves and living herbs available now – look out for Oakleaf lettuce and Lollo Rosso – as well as homegrown Chinese leafy veg such as Pak Choi and Choi Sum – fresh, crisp and green these add a light summery element to many dishes not only Oriental ones.

For British fruits, this is the best time for strawberries and raspberries – when they taste even better than they smell. We have the best of Bruce Farm’s green and red strawberries, Makins Yorkshire strawberries as well as Oakchurch raspberries.

June best overseas picks

This is the time of year that pretty much everything is available – so what to choose?
Our best picks for June fruit from Europe are our fabulous Dutch white currants to pretty up your desserts and Dutch gooseberries for a little extra tartness and luscious cherries from France.

For the best melons, French Charentais is unsurpassed and that’s why it’s a Wellocks Special Branch product. Aromatic, sweet and bursting with flavour and a gorgeous orange colour, these Philibon melons are simply the best. Also in Special Branch are excellent Nourrit Yellow and White Peaches from France

Look out for Mousseron and Girolle mushrooms. Girolle, or golden chanterelles as they’re also known, with their light, delicate almost fruity, peppery flavour and smell are a summer highlight. Simply sauteed on toast brings out the wonderful earthy flavour – the fresher the better always.

First of the season

Summer truffles, British garlic scrapes, Bruce Farm green strawberries and French golden raspberries.

June Best Buys: Wellocks’ Super GP Busters

Gem lettuce
Savoy cabbage
Spring cabbage
Coloured carrots – orange, yellow, purple, white