Wasabi, English style

Top watercress growers Tom Amery and James Harper turn their hands to a bit of wasabi.

Our continuing search for‘the perfect ingredient’ has found a great wasabi supplier here in the UK, which makes delivering you a fresher, better-tasting product easy.

The Wasabi Company has been set up by the passionate and dedicated farmers behind The Watercress Company, who were attracted by the challenge of being the first to successfully grow wasabi in Europe. Its fresh wasabi is all grown in England and is the first to be growing commercially in Europe. The plants are grown in spring water in the traditional Japanese way, it is then harvested after two years to ensure the highest quality product with a dense rhizome and rich flavour.

Although there may be some seasonal fluctuation in availability, fresh wasabi is available all year round. It has similar health benefits to watercress, which has been dubbed a‘super food’. Like watercress and other famously healthy members of the brassica family, wasabi has recently become the subject of research into cancer prevention and treatment.

The Wasabi Company’s wasabi has been well received by both Japanese and European chefs and they are selling into the best restaurants in the UK including The Ledbury and in Europe to El Celler Can Roca.

If any chefs would like to know more about wasabi then we have advice brochures regarding grating, storing etc. We also have traditional graters and brushes available.

July 2012