The Italian pasta connection

Our Italian adventure took us to Milan for a very specific reason; to visit the factory of Aldo Cozzi an Italian Republic Knight who has been a renowned member of the Bersaglieri.

 At 62 years old his enthusiasm for life is endless but more importantly so is his passion for pasta.

He not only has the experience of owning 11 pasta shops in and around Milan but also using this knowledge he took to engineering and is building pasta making machines that are renowned the world over.

Two days of working together with Aldo and his son Mirko, going through the processes of how the various machines work and seeing the pasta in its various forms being produced, convinced me that we had come to the right place and to the right the man. At every stage he shared his secrets of great pasta making, including the ingredients that I am sure will just lead us directly to producing the ‘perfect pasta’.

We will be setting up our production line in the new year and I am looking forward to welcoming Aldo to Lancashire to train our staff and pass on more secrets of pasta perfection. It’s this commitment from him, personally to come over and not leave until it is spot on that shows his passion and commitment to his customers.

Watch out for the our pasta launch and your opportunity to come and meet Aldo and try some more ‘perfect ingredients’.

May 2014