A Strawberry Celebration

Strawberry season is here and we have the perfect Scottish Bruce Farm Strawberries in season – picked fresh and collected daily. At £3.00 per 400g punnet, these super summer berries are the perfect ingredient.
Sadly, the French Gariguette season is coming to an end, but there are still some incredible French strawberries available including Mara de Bois with its sweet taste. And from Yorkshire we have Makins strawberries which are also available at this time of year.

Strawberries on the menu:

Top Right:
Star Inn Harome, chef Stephen Smith
Eton Mess with sheeps’ milk chiboust, garden
lavender, English strawberry with strawberry sherbert
& Yorkshire Pink Lady cocktail

Bottom Left:
House of Tides, chef Danny Parker
Strawberry consomme with malic acid &
fructose, served with dark chocolate &
roasted tea ice cream

Bottom Right:
Freemasons, chefs’ Steve Smith & Michael Lambert
Vanilla baked rice pudding, gariguette strawberry and champagne, butter milk ice-cream