Head chef Andy Parker goes online

Wellock’s online ordering system has been developed with chefs in mind. When it comes to ordering, we want to save you time and make your life as simple and stress-free as possible. But don’t just take it from us – here is George’s restaurant‘s head chef Andy Parker.

Andy says: ‘We recently started using the online ordering system at Wellocks. It’s a really simple programme to use with many great benefits.”

Here are Andy’s five favourites:

1) orders can be built through the day relieving the chef from phoning after service

2) a cheeky 1% discount on all orders when using it (it goes along way in achieving GPs in the course of the year)

3) you can view great offers/new ingredients and promotions

4) it provides your own unique ordering list which ensures nothing gets forgotten

5) easy access to past ordering to view expenditures and credits

So what’s stopping you? Sign up here and get yourself online!