Golden Fork for Greedy Little Pig

A huge congratulations to our fantastic suppliers Carl and Sarah Slingsby at Greedy Little Pig for winning the most respected food award – the Great Taste Golden Fork –  and named Charcuterie Product of the Year after making the Great Taste 2015’s Top 50 Food.

Greedy Little Pig received the award for its specially-cured fiocco, which was voted one of Britain’s Top 50 Foods in the first stage of the Great Taste awards which attracted over were over 10,000 entries this year. Greedy Little Pig’s fiocco was one of just 130 products to receive a three-star accolade. The judging panel was made up of over 400 judges including food critics, chefs, cooks and producers who value taste above all else.

“We are truly humbled to pick up this award,” says Carl. “It’s a massive boost for such a small business to know we are delivering such a high-end product.” The premium-cured meat comes from pigs which are bred from Gloucester Old Spots and pure-bred Pietrain pigs at the 10-acre farm in Yorkshire. Fiocco comes from the front of the pig’s back leg. It’s then produced using artisan methods and ingredients, whole air-dried and cured for two to six months.

Judges praised the fiocco for its lovely appearance and appealing aroma; perfect neat slices and happily not wafer thin. On taste, it was described as having  beautifully balanced flavours – sweet, smokey and delicious. One judge highlighted its fantastic texture, tender with excellent fat. Another praised its great porky but delicate flavour with the right levels of sweetness, moistness and succulence. Its saltiness was said to be perfect with the addition of black brewer’s grain giving a lovely tang and hint of sweetness – just delicious.

Congratulations from all at Wellocks.

Order Greedy Little Pig’s fiocco online from Wellocks here.