Wellocks, Global Harvest and the Perfect Date

It is always exciting to see a product go from sample to final production.
This week, we were delighted to welcome Global Harvest founder David Mason as he showcased its brand new conserves, which included the mouthwatering Date, plus Roasted Onion and Sweet Garlic flavours.

Earlier in the year, David had brought these two flavours with him, both of which were in the early stages of development. So it was wonderful to see and taste the final product.

Our very own chef, Leigh Myers, demonstrated the versatility of their conserves and showed how they don’t just provide the perfect alternative to chutney – they bring exciting new flavours and textures to sauces and jus.

Already awarded two Great Taste Gold Stars, the new Date variety conserve is inspired by the luxuriously rich taste of North African Medjool dates. The flavour bursts onto the palate with a rich, toffee flavour – especially when paired with tender beef cheek or simply glazed over roasted vegetables.

We also explored Global Harvest’s other award-winning flavours, including Quince, Caramelised Apple, Damson Plum, Fig, Pear and Apricot and Ginger. As we tasted each fruit jelly, the choice of pairings was delightful. Caramelised Apple really is the perfect marriage with succulent belly pork.

Leigh showed us endless menu options and served seasonal meats which included superb venison sausage, venison, pork loin and grouse from supplier Pinnacle Game. Cheese and biscuits is always a winner with conserves, especially when that cheese is a perfect Lancashire. The real surprise came when the Bittersweet Orange conserve was matched with a strong Harrogate Blue. It set the taste buds singing like no other!

Quince conserve is as popular as ever and it was surprising how well it worked with a baked, runny Camembert. Another delight was the Truffled Acacia Honey, which is exclusive to Global Harvest. One single drop is enough to take Camembert to a totally new place.

David also introduced a brand-new flavour in development – Cranberry. And in doing so, Global Harvest showed us how it really is at the cutting-edge of innovation.
With so many exciting new flavours around, now is the time to dive in and experiment with this perfect ingredient.