Gender Pay Gap Report

Richard Wellock & Sons Limited has complied with the new Government requirements to report its gender pay gap data. The first years’ data is below:

Mean Median
Difference in hourly rate of pay 11.6% 2.8%
Difference in bonus pay 34.8%* 44.2%*
Men Women
Percentage of employees who received bonus pay 97.6% 92.5%
Employees by pay quartile
Upper Quartile 87.6% 12.4%
Upper Middle Quartile 73.5% 26.5%
Lower Middle Quartile 77.9% 22.1%
Lower Quartile 57.1% 42.9%


*The large disparity in bonus pay is due to a large proportion of our bonuses being for drivers where 99% are men. This distorts the results in the bonus pay percentage. All employees are eligible for other bonusses being attendance allowances and discretionary Christmas bonuses. I am pleased to say 97.6% of men achieved a bonus and 92.5% of women.

Our workforce is made up of 75% of men and 25% of women. The Executive Committee is made up of 10 people at the time of reporting; 3 of these 10 were women. Whilst a higher proportion of men are earning the higher salaries (due to the roles undertaken), we regularly check our salaries on a role-by-role basis and benchmark accordingly to ensure there is no gender pay gap. In fact, more women are included in the “Upper Middle Quartile” than the average employed overall. However, contrary to that is that a higher proportion are in the lower quartile due a higher percentage of our women working in the Prepared Vegetable department.

Confirmed as accurate by Michael Beech, Finance Director – January 2018