Gender Pay Gap Report

Gender Pay Gap Report

Richard Wellock & Sons Limited has complied with Government requirements to report its gender pay gap data. The second years’ data is below:

Mean Median
Difference in hourly rate of pay 12.40% 10.60%
Difference in bonus pay 64.00% 40.00%
Men Women
Proportion who received bonuses 70.10% 75.00%
Employees by pay quartile Men Women
Upper Quartile 83.2 16.8
Upper Middle Quartile 88.8 11.2
Lower Middle Quartile 67.3 32.7
Lower Quarter 60.2 39.8

We believe strongly in job opportunities for everyone regardless of their gender. We are committed to balancing our gender representation and supporting all colleagues in the workplace. The food manufacturing industry on the whole employs fewer women than men and historically this has been the case at Richard Wellock & Sons Limited.

However, in the last 10 years, through natural progression, flexibility and a greater awareness of gender equality we now have several female colleagues at a senior level with 3 women on the Executive Committee.

Our overall mean pay gap across the business is 12.40%. Our overall median pay gap across the business is 10.6% The national average for the mean gender pay gap is 18.4%. The national average for the median gender pay gap is 18.1%. 

Confirmed as accurate by Michael Beech, Finance Director – March 2019