Free-range snails

Aylesbury Escargots are based at the foot of the Chiltern Hills in Wendover Buckinghamshire. They have a modern and diverse farm that produces free range farmed Helix Aspersa – that’s edible snails to you and I. Aylesbury Escargots are free to roam on the range, which makes them the most tender snails you will ever taste!

The family-owned business is run by Michael and Sophie Wharton, who supply some of the finest fresh free range escargots and escargots pearls (snail caviar) you can buy. And their products are available all year round.


Their escargots are tender and succulent, with a wonderful earthy and mushroom-like taste. Grown, harvested and prepared correctly they have the power to be a stand-alone dish. Snails are not only fabulous for their taste and texture but also their nutritional qualities; snails are high protein, low fat meat. It is an underappreciated food, especially here in Britain.

Escargot Pearls

Aylesbury snail caviar – which they call ‘Escargot Pearls’ – are absolutely beautiful, not only to look at, but to taste too. They have a wonderful, delicate, almost creamy flavour with woody, fern and mineral tones, all in one burst on the palate.

In the past they have been known as ‘Pearls of Aphrodite’ for their supposed aphrodisiac quality. These tiny eggs can be marinated in herbs to serve. Chefs throughout europe are already serving this highly prized delicacy, which centuries ago starred in banquets for wealthy Romans, Egyptians and Greeks.

Escargots – £36.50 per kg

Escargot Pearls – £59.00 x 75g

May 2014