Free Range Eggs to Barn Produced. The changes affecting our eggs.

As of March 1, all ‘free range’ eggs supplied by Wellocks will carry the label – ‘Eggs laid by hens temporarily housed in barns for their welfare’, according to instructions from the Egg Marketing Inspectorate. This is a temporary measure to help avoid confusion over the current production of free range eggs and comply with European Union (EU) regulations.

Back in December, the UK government imposed an indoor housing order on all hens to control an outbreak of Avian Influenza or bird flu. That meant even the free roaming hens that lay our free range eggs had to be brought into barns for their safety. According to EU regulations, once hens have been indoors for 12 weeks their eggs can no longer be marketed as free range.

The temporary ’barn produced’ label will appear on packaging on all eggs supplied to us by JA&R Geldard & Sons from Cumbria. These eggs are from the original free range flocks who are temporarily being housed indoors.

Wellocks will continue to monitor this situation and keep you informed of developments.