It’s first class all the way on Qantas airways

We have now started to supply Qantas first class cabins flying out of Heathrow Airport. Our customer is Alpha LSG, this is a joint venture between Alpha (owned by emirates) and LSG (owned by Lufthansa).

They currently make food out of four kitchens dotted around the Hounslow area. To streamline their efforts, they have now finished the build and opened their new cooking facility ‘the Premier Kitchen’. They have a brigade of 117 chefs and a further 50 dedicated to producing halal meals. There are new state of the art washrooms to ensure everything is clean and germ free and with the capacity to wash 190 million items a year, I can’t see the pots ever piling up in this place. This set up is capable of producing 76,500 meals every day on 24,500 flights per year to over 40 airlines: that’s some staggering numbers!

The new site also has its own logistics centre set apart from the main building in which they can provide logistic solutions for other companies as well as their own. The food is prepared and ferried across to the logistics centre in refrigerated pods. Inside the main facility there isn’t a cuisine that is not catered for as this is the global hub for the rest of the world.

Coupled with their new building they have impressive demonstration kitchens and customer lounges where clients can see the highly polished stainless steel kitchens and watch the chefs cook on a large projection screens above the cooking canopies. Next to the demonstration kitchens they have their own chef academy where they nurture future talent to keep their massive brigade well stocked.

Here at Wellocks, we have been building a working relationship with Alpha Flight Catering, who cater for the world’s top airlines. We have been providing prepped vegetable samples for their workshops for their menu development teams who are creating menus for Qantas, Emirates and British Airways to name but a few.

The variety and scope of prepared vegetables they require is quite extensive and varied. It’s proven a real challenge developing the specification and quality they need. For those of you that don’t know, the prep team is not a bunch of Michelin star chefs! Training the prep team in new products is an everyday occurrence and has its challenges as we continue to provide ‘the perfect ingredient’. It is great news for us as we have proved that our prep is the best in the land and we have been tasked with supplying their first class customers.

Our prepared vegetables are now going to be distributed to Gatwick, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle and Glasgow to Alpha’s first class customers.

Now we can truly say that Wellocks is going global!

November 2013