Fighting fit

Diet plays a massive part of any athlete’s regime, and Wellocks’ perfect ingredients are ideal for keeping these two sporting stars, boxer Shayne Singleton and Thai boxer Brad Stanton, fighting fit.

Shayne has just won his first WBC International Silver belt at welterweight and Brad is UKMF British Thai Boxing champion. As you can imagine, their training regimes are pretty brutal and their bodies need the right fuel to sustain a gruelling schedule, with the least amount of calorie intake.

Currently, Brad is building up to his next fight in the USN Arena, Bolton on June 7 2014 for the number one welterweight place in the rankings. Shayne, meanwhile, is relaxing after a gruelling year of fights but hoping to be back in the ring before the end of the season.

Shayne’s typical meal and exercise plan

  • Morning: 15 x 400m track sprints.
  • Afternoon: Strength and conditioning training followed by two hours of sparring and pad work.
  • Before bed: Six mile run.
  • Favourite meal: Salmon baked in coconut oil with spinach, beetroot and spring onions.

Brad’s typical meal and exercise plan

  • Morning: Conditioning, techniques and pad work.
  • Evening: Thai boxing session with sparring, techniques and pad work until about 9pm.
  • Before bed: Eat.
  • Favourite meal: Salmon salad with sweet potato followed by sweet pineapple and Michel Cluizel dark chocolate.

May 2014