Cleaner, Greener and more efficient

Investing in new technology and new ways of delivering is coming up trumps as even during peak demand times the Wellocks’ team is on top of its game when it comes to getting the perfect ingredients to our customers on time.

At Wellocks, we don’t wait till spring to start cleaning house. We’re continuously on a mission to find new ways to make our operations cleaner, greener, safer and more efficient. Following a fantastic visit from the Health and Safety Executive, we’ve built its advice into our improvement programme for better unloading procedures and general organisation.

Our green crate usage is expanding and that means even less packaging waste and more efficient product loading and unloading. As well as being used to deliver to customers, green crates have also been introduced into our producer supply chain – collecting fresh produce in Europe and across the UK. And now we have blue crates too for all bar orders. This makes for easier and quicker picking and packing in the warehouse, and faster delivery and processing once we get to our customer. We’ve also introduced single picking to speed up operations with certain products, for example apples. Specifying a number saves time by removing the need for scales and measures.

We started February with a brand new crate washer. With a capacity of 1,000 crates an hour, our operation is cleaner than ever. Every crate is washed daily on its return to the warehouse and with washing restricted to one area the spread of dirt is reduced. Vehicle washing has also been moved to Warehouse 2 at our Nelson HQ to cut congestion and deliver even higher levels of cleanliness and hygiene.

Small improvements to operations combine to have a big impact on overall efficiency – as well as health and safety. This makes a huge difference at times of high demand including weekends and holidays such as Christmas and New Year. On Christmas Eve, Wellocks fantastic nightshift packed almost 179,000 kg of orders including over 4,400 litres of double cream between 9pm and 6am. The team of 145 (115 warehouse and 30 prep staff) worked like magic elves – splitting break times so the conveyor belt ran for nine hours without stopping and delivering full orders to every customer. As efficient as Santa!

“The team were brilliant over the 2018 festive period and we’re so proud of how they and all of our new systems worked together to make the impossible possible! This year, with new improvements scheduled for the months ahead, our products and operations will continue to improve,” said James Wellock.