Christmas Has Arrived

With a blink of an eye it’s Christmas and every great chef knows it’s the busiest time of year in the industry.  The momentum has definitely set in at Wellocks – everybody is going above and beyond to provide the best possible service.  Staff working hard and showing their upmost dedication to fulfil every order and avoid disappointment.

The freshest ingredients arriving, as diverse and exciting as any time of year, but with that promise of being served up over the festivities.  Christmas staples such as carrots, swede and the very humble but spectacular Brussel sprout arriving in there thousands.

I had never considered myself a melon lover until I began my role at Wellocks but the Piel De Sapo and Charentais melon have completely changed my naive assumption.  Tasting the rainbow – the bright orange flesh of the Charentais, and the dark striped green skin of the Piel.  Colourful fruit is often the most tasteful.

Last week, an arrival of beetroot crapaudine came from Tommy Banks at the Black Swan, Oldstead – another great reminder of our freshest and home-grown ingredients.  All of our supplier stories tell of great tales, our latest search which took buyer Jean Lesbazeilles to Southern Spain to find the perfect black truffle, has undoubtedly been a star of December.

For me, surrounded by such incredible foods, the freshest ingredients and the very best in fresh produce from suppliers across the globe, is the pure delight of Christmas.

It has been a wonderful and staggering year for Wellocks – James has been absolutely phenomenal in his search, filming and sharing each journey and meeting some of the most wonderfully innovative individuals along the way from meeting Kenny Blair of Drysdales farm up in the Scottish Borders early this year to source the perfect sprout – to hosting the most triumphant venison dinner with Lee Murdoch at Crafthouse, Leeds.

With an additional building and plans for early development into 2016, more dedicated staff than ever on board, one shared goal and a whole host of fresh ideas (and produce), our search continues for the perfect ingredient.

From everybody at Wellocks, but most significantly The Wellock family – who have been sharing their knowledge and passion since 1961.

Have a wonderful Christmas and festive period.