Chocolate Magic – 2016 Michel Cluizel Masterclass

Wellocks was delighted to host 20 talented chefs from around the country to two exclusive Michel Cluizel Masterclasses in the Wellocks development kitchen recently.

Michel Cluizel pastry chef, Jordi Puigvert returned again to Wellocks to run the masterclasses along with area export manager Charlotte Cren. The French chocolatier has run several masterclasses for us since we began stocking its amazing range several years ago.

Each day consisted of a full recipe demonstration by Jordi and a selection of in-depth techniques for cooking with chocolate. Creations included Spiced Chocolate, Praline Arabica and Bee Honeycomb.

The classes gave chefs the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the extensive Michel Cluizel chocolate range as well as get some hands-on experience and a close-up view of some of the more intricate techniques developed by Jordi and the Michel Cluizel team to showcase its products.

“Chocolate is a magic product,” said Jordi, who showed our chefs what chocolate to choose to match with various notes in a dish, along with flavour profiles and pairings.

Charlotte presented a great taste journey through the Michel Cluizel history, and we all learnt something new including the origin of the chocolate. There were also lots of opportunities to sample both the chocolate and Jordi’s creations.

One participant was Helen Vass, pastry chef, Number 16 in Glasgow and winner of the 2016 Bake Off ‘Creme de la Creme’. Helen said: “I’ve learned all about the Michel Cluizel range and how to apply each chocolate in different situations and also got to taste them as well. I’m really hoping to create some new recipes based on what I learned today.”

Holding masterclasses is something Wellocks is passionate about and will continue to build upon in the future. Providing in-depth skills courses for our customers to learn how to get the most out of ingredients we supply is all part of our service and we work continuously with our suppliers to help them introduce their products to customers.