Diet of champions for fighter Singleton

Shayne Singleton, International Masters and English Welterweight Champion, the Wellocks sponsored fighter from Lancashire is preparing for his next bout by eating well to fuel his training regime. His diet is where Wellocks comes in, as the champion figher’s meals are being carefully chosen and prepped. As he gets ready to pull on the gloves again he spoke to us about his diet and how hard his training really is…

“It’s the taste!” Shayne exclaimed over the phone as he told me how easy the diet has been this time. “With such a vast choice of great foods it has kept my eating plan interesting”. The choice is what has been keeping Shayne on target to be spot on when he gets on the scales.

Another point Shayne was quick to make was that you can tell the ingredients are fresh and full of the good nutrients that his body needs, resulting in far more strength, alertness and feeling much sharper in general.

One of Shayne’s morning training sessions for stamina consists of running 400m, 15 times consecutively – ouch! You can see why extracting the most amount of nutrient, fibre and protein from food is vitally important.

He also admits to practically living on Johnson & Swarbrick chicken to help with his protein intake, he also said, “The chicken tastes beautiful, succulent and very tasty.” Shayne is also eating cherry tomatoes like they are grapes, ensuring a plentiful source of alkaline.

Shayne fights again this Saturday, 20th, in a non-title fight over six rounds before he defends his title on September 20th, this year.

We wish Shane good luck for Saturday and we will keep you up-to-date with his progress.

July 2013