Baby Parsnips

Following on from last weeks GP-busting options, I have another gem little for you! This came from visiting a parsnip grower and seeing the growing and harvesting process from field-to-box. Let’s examine the evidence of the parsnip.

Baby vegetables always cost a premium, as they look beautiful on a plate and certainly have a lovely, intense flavour. But, by looking outside the field again, we have come up with yet another ‘perfect ingredient’ for you. Not only does the baby parsnip which has a maximum 35mm crown taste wonderful for the reasons stated we have done a deal with a grower to bring it to you at GP busting £1.10 per kilo. The other bonus is there is no labour involved in preparing it.

There are two main reasons to cherish the baby parsnip. Firstly, the larger the parsnip gets, the woodier the middle. Baby parsnips have no woody middle. Secondly, the starches turn to sugars after the frosts, and this sweet taste comes to the fore and is more noticeable with smaller parsnip.

Why not give the baby version a try?

January 2013