Wellocks Arbequina Oil Wins Gold Star

Wellocks organic arbequina olive oil has received a Gold award in the International EcoTrama Competition, putting it amongst the world’s best organic extra virgin oils.

Oils are submitted from all over the world by producers registered in the EEC Organic Agriculture and are reviewed and scored by a panel of judges. Only the oils that earn over 75 points are awarded a gold medal.

Wellocks have worked with the producers at Finca Duernas in the Guadalquivir Valley in Spain for the last five years to produce an oil that has full traceability from tree to bottle and is made with sustainable and traditional production methods. The farm begins its harvest a month and a half earlier than normal as the fruit’s juice is as its best at this time. The farm has its own mill in the centre of the farm so the olives can be pressed immediately – this prevents the fruit from oxidising – before going through a cold extraction process. The oil is then stored in the temperature-controlled cellar – often within an hour of harvesting.

This oil is a fruity and mild extra virgin with a rich aroma and a peppery finish. It is the perfect ingredient for vegetables, salads, pasta, fish and desserts.

The olive oil is exclusive to Wellocks’ customers.

Available to order from Wellocks now for £12.50 per 1 litre bottle or £25.00 per 5 litre bottle.