Action Against Hunger Ethiopia Trek

October 2016

Frances and the team successfully completed the Ethiopia Trek on behalf of Action Against Hunger this October, trekking over 80k distance and raising over £71,000. All in aid of helping malnourished children and ensuring families can access clean water, food and healthcare. An incredible achievement and huge congratulations from all at Wellocks. We are proud to have supported you.

July 2016

We recently caught up with Frances Atkins of The Yorke Arms, to discuss her Action Against Hunger Ethiopia Trek through the Simien Mountains. She is hoping to help raise money for Action Against Hunger’s Lifesaving programmes around the world.

Frances, along with a team of chefs, restaurateurs and hospitality industry experts will take on the epic challenge over four days in October.

With 80km of rocky trails at altitudes up to 4400m, this is without doubt a tough and challenging trek.

How has Wellocks’ support helped you?

“Their generosity and support has been amazing. It’s great to have Wellocks involved in this way.”

What does it mean to you having both James’ and Wellocks’ support?

“We have been trading with Wellocks since we began – and this for me is the perfect partnership. Whenever I have needed help, Wellocks have always been there and I believe this is what makes our partnership so special.”

What impact has the challenge had on your life so far?
“It makes you really appreciate just how fortunate we all are. Also, there is a realisation that the hospitality industry can make real changes to prevent waste in the kitchen.”

What is your ambition for the challenge?

“Not to suffer from altitude sickness! But first and foremost, to raise awareness of the charity and of course raise money for those in desperate need. If my actions can help malnourished children, then every step is more than worthwhile.”

What training have you done so far?
“I’ve been training with my fellow team members, Lisa, Michael and Andrew – we have been out in the Dales and the Lakes completing walks and building fitness and stamina.”

Why is Action for Hunger so important?

“Ultimately, we are saving starving children from hunger, and ultimately death.
It takes just £42 to save a child’s life. Imagine how many lives we can save?”

Action Against Hunger is committed to ending child hunger. The organisation run life-saving programmes in nearly 50 countries, helping over 14.9 million people last year.

Today, Ethiopia is facing its worst food crisis in 30 years. An estimated 400,000 children are in need of urgent treatment for severe malnutrition.