Our Environment

Our business depends upon the natural world – so we take our commitment to protecting it seriously. We deliver in environmentally-friendly returnable green plastic crates, which are tracked so we know where they are – waylaid packing crates don’t end up in landfill.

Our crates are made from durable and strong plastic enabling easy loading, carrying and unpacking. And they stack safely to significantly reduce the risk of damage to produce during transit. Crates are washed daily after use.

We don’t use secondary packaging so bins are not being filled with waste cardboard and other materials. And we’re always on the lookout for more ways to increase efficiency and help the environment.

We work directly with growers and suppliers around the world – supporting traditional, organic and sustainable farming methods and approaches wherever we can. We also promote variety and diversity, in particular the rediscovery and protection of heritage fruits and vegetables. Our milk is British and all of our eggs are cage free and from the UK.

Our online ordering system – with live stock visibility – is designed for simplicity and accuracy – and to cut down on second deliveries to reduce our carbon footprint further.