Development Kitchen

Wellocks’ development kitchen is a crucial part of the team. Once we’ve sourced a new ingredient, our development chefs put it through its paces. Produce is not classed as a perfect ingredient until our chefs have tested it rigorously and done everything to make sure that when it arrives in your kitchen, you’ll get the exact results you need.

As well as testing our ingredients, the development kitchen runs demos to show chefs new ingredients and new ideas for their own restaurants. We hold masterclasses on a range of subjects, including bread making sessions that bring together chefs and experts. Suppliers also come in and show us their new products.

The development kitchen is all about taking perfect ingredients on the next stage of their journey – into high quality, award-winning dishes.

The fresh pasta room specialises in making the perfect fresh pasta – from simple sheets to more exotic filled and flavoured pastas. As well as old favourites, the kitchen develops new recipes with authentic flavours, including ravioli stuffed with Jerusalem artichoke and truffle, and goat’s cheese and thyme. Gluten-free and vegetarian Parmesan options are also available. All pasta is preservative free.